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The X-Men Are Back! With a brand new look!

The X-Men Are Back! With a brand new look!

By now you’ve heard that Marvel Comics has been teasing a new X-men movie, but it looks like the studio may have hit a roadblock: it’s going to be the wrong X-movie!

While the new Wolverine will be making an appearance in the movie, it won’t be the one that we saw in the trailer.

The X has a new look, but that doesn’t mean the X-series is going to get a new film!

According to the Xfinity blog, X-Force will be returning in the sequel, which means we’ll see a new villain, new villains, and a whole lot of X-related humor.

What’s even more interesting is that the comic book universe will return, as will the show’s characters and locations.

The blog also confirmed that the X team is returning to the team’s former home of New York City in New Mutants, but they’ll be doing so in a way that’s familiar to fans.

“The X-franchise will return to its roots in the X and its characters and storylines as well as its history, as seen in the comics, in the film, and the new TV show,” it reads.

“The X is returning in its original form with all the same cast and creators that have made it great.”

The comic book movies X-23, X2, and X-Man have all been in the past, so it’s no surprise that this is happening.

However, fans of the comics might be disappointed to see it return.

In fact, fans are speculating that the new X series might even be canceled, as it’s not a comic book property that Marvel would want to risk.

According to IGN, a number of studios have already signed on to make X-books in the new movies, but Marvel Studios has yet to do so.

While the comics X-verse is still a big part of Marvel’s brand, the studio has shown a willingness to change up the formula for new movies.

For example, last year, they announced that the Avengers would get a fresh reboot, which was met with mixed reactions.

This year, the studios have given the new franchise a new lease on life by creating a brand-new movie called X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE IMPERFECT.

The new film is being helmed by Sam Raimi, who previously helmed The Punisher and Sicario.

This reboot is likely a rehash of the old movie X-19: X-MORPHOSPHERIA, which took place in the late 1960s and saw a bunch of X characters getting recruited by the X. This film was also based on the novel X-Eyes: A Dinosaur Story by Mike Mignola.

The New X-Universe has been around since the X2 film, so this could just be a one-off event for the new films, which will feature a bunch new characters.

Fans have been wondering how Marvel will introduce new X characters this time around, so we may get some answers soon.

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