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Childrens chair ‘gets a little sicker’: Consumer advocate says ‘a little sick’

Childrens chair ‘gets a little sicker’: Consumer advocate says ‘a little sick’

Consumer advocate and consumer advocacy leader Mark Ritchie says a little sickness at the childrens chair rattan is causing the chair to “get a little less comfortable”.

The chair “gets a very good, solid grip”, he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s AM program.

“It’s not comfortable to sit on.

I’ve sat on the chair for years and years, and it’s got a very solid grip, so it gets a little more comfortable.”

Mr Ritchie, the founder of the consumer advocacy organisation Consumer Choice, said the chair was “getting a little bit sicker”.

“I think it’s a little overkill,” he said.

The Consumer Choice chair rattans chair is being recalled due to “a small problem” Mr Ritchie said.

The chair is manufactured by Rattan.

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and was offered to customers in February.

A Consumer Choice spokesman said the recall was based on “a single faulty part”.

A spokesperson for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said a consumer’s rights had been violated when “a consumer’s product is faulty”.

“The Australian Competition Commission (ACCC) has taken enforcement action to ensure that consumer products are made in a way that is safe, effective and compliant with Australian consumer law,” the ACCC spokesperson said.

“We are investigating the issue and will take appropriate action when appropriate.”

Mr Riggins said he was not aware of the recall.

He said he had spoken to Rattan about the chair.

Mr Rattan had told ABC News he had made a “significant change” to the chair and that “there will be no longer any problems”.

But he also told ABC AM that he was “not sure” if the chair had been “flipped upside down”.

Ritchie said he would speak to the manufacturer of the chair “to get a sense” of the issue.

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