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What’s the fuss over? – The Post

What’s the fuss over? – The Post

The Post is reporting that President Donald Trump is considering revoking a ban on the sale of child-safety-rated wheelchairs for use in public spaces.

The ban, which went into effect last month, has been in place since 2008, and was a major component of the campaign to ban the sale and manufacture of the popular Segway Segway.

It was challenged in federal court, but a judge blocked it on Monday, finding that it violated the Constitution.

The court said the ban “violates the First Amendment rights of Americans to freedom of speech and expression and the right to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.”

The ban has been called a “widespread, systemic” violation of Americans’ constitutional rights.

The Post reported that the president is “likely to decide soon whether to revoke the ban, or seek an emergency stay of enforcement.”

Trump’s move could have implications for the sale, manufacture and distribution of child safety-rated chairs for use by children, including Segway and other similar products.

The Washington Post reported the president’s announcement to be related to the recent controversy over the company’s new $2.5 billion deal to manufacture safety-rating seats for children in schools.

The Times said the president will seek to “reverse or rescind” the order.

The White House said in a statement Monday that Trump “has directed the Department of Education to expedite the review of these matters.”

The Education Department, which oversees the Department’s Office for Civil Rights, has said the review will take a year.

The department said the department is “reviewing all reports and information related to safety-related chair manufacturing and distribution.”

The company has said that the chairs it sells do not have the seat-safety rating that the ban requires.

The report from the Times says that Trump is also considering “a review of existing and future safety-rate requirements” that would “limit the market for child safety rated wheelchairs and potentially other safety-grade products that are currently sold by the company.”

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