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Man who saved dog from crashing car has a $1 million home to show for it

Man who saved dog from crashing car has a $1 million home to show for it

A man who saved his dog from a crash and then took the dog home has a new home for his $1.3 million home.

Alfred Schmitt, 67, built a custom wheelchair and a new autonomous chair for his new home at the end of October.

He had to sell the old one after he accidentally crashed his car into a car, injuring a passenger.

He now has a place to park his car and a living room for his dog, Chihuahua, to enjoy.

He bought the house for $9,000 in 2004.

He built it from scratch.

He has a lot of time on his hands.

It’s a nice place to live, he said.

It took about three months to build the new house, he explained.

There’s not much to do on the first floor.

It just had to be perfect.

We had to make it look like a home.

He’s a huge fan of living in a big house.

I built the house with a lot more work in mind than just decorating it.

I built it to be comfortable, to look like it belongs there, and I have a lot in mind, he told Mashable.

The house has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a basement.

We wanted it to look good, he added.

I really wanted it for the people that lived there.

I was going to have a grand opening in June, and it was going on sale that very day.

I think I just made a decision to make sure that I’m getting as many people as possible to come see it.

It’s been a great deal for him.

I’m not sure how much money he will be able to save, but he’s got a good job.

He said he’s also a great dad, who works with a dog rehabilitation center, and has two sons, and plans on having a third in a couple of months.

He says he plans on living in the house “for a while.”

He’s building a new garden, a new garage, and is working on building his own garage.

He also plans to put the house up for sale.

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