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How to make a secret lab chair that can actually be put to use

How to make a secret lab chair that can actually be put to use

Ball chairs are an increasingly common sight in Melbourne, and the latest invention is a little-known secret lab.

The chair, made out of an old toilet seat and a cheap plastic bowl, is a new addition to the Melbourne Secret Lab, a program which aims to educate the public about Melbourne’s hidden treasures.

It’s one of several products on offer by the Melbourne secret lab, which was created in conjunction with the Melbourne Museum of Art.

“We have two projects that we’re doing, which are very much connected to the Secret Lab.

One is our public education project, and that is an educational video series that we will be doing with the museum, and also a website, so that we can have an online database of the materials that we’ve collected and stored over the years,” said Mandy Taylor, the owner of the Secret Laboratory.

Secret Lab chair made from old toilet seats, toilet bowl and plastic bowl.

Photo: Mandy Tayler “And then there’s the public education series, which is a series of videos about the materials and the history of the MelbourneSecret Lab and the secret lab that we have here at the Melbourne museum.”

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and so when we got the opportunity to work with the city of Melbourne to be the custodians of the collection, I thought, ‘I can’t pass it up’.” The Secret Lab chairs are made of old toilet chair, toilet seat, plastic bowl and a bowl made out from an old Victoria toilet seat.

They’re the first ever public education products to be made by Melbourne Secret Labs.

After the Victorian Secret Lab was founded, the museum bought the chair from a local local art dealer for $40,000.

When they arrived at the museum in 2017, the staff found the chair in the basement of the museum.

Ms Taylor said she thought it was a pretty neat looking chair, but that she wasn’t sure if it would actually be practical for everyday use.

She said the first challenge was finding a seat for it, because she said most Melbourne Secret Laboratory chairs had an awkward and heavy base.

To make the chair, the team went to the local Victoria toilet shop, where they found a toilet seat made out out of a Victorian toilet seat with a plastic bowl attached to the bottom.

But it was quite heavy, so the team had to add a new plastic bowl to it.

Once the bowl was in place, the chair was bolted down, which required a couple of screws to hold it together.

Then they had to drill holes through the base to allow the seat to be attached to its bowl.

Next, the Secret Labs team used a plastic pipe to connect the bowl and seat.

The bowl was then filled with glue, and then the chair attached to a piece of plastic.

Each chair has its own unique history.

Victoria’s Secret Laboratory chair was made out a Victoria toilet seat (left) and a Victoria seat (right).

Mandy Taylor (right) with Victoria’s Secret Lab chair.

For a project which started in 2017 to promote the museum’s collection, it’s a remarkable achievement.

Mr Taylor said he hopes the chair will be the centrepiece of the secret labs collection in 2018.

“I hope we can create a museum that people can go to and visit, and not just see a museum, but actually experience the history and find out what’s going on in the Melbourne lab,” he said.

“And I think it’s going to be really great for the city.”

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