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‘High chair’ inventor says he was “proud to have invented it’

‘High chair’ inventor says he was “proud to have invented it’

“I am proud to have made the invention that has brought the world happiness,” said the founder of the popular high chair, a contraption made of a large wooden frame that is attached to the head and can be lifted to a standing position.

The chair is a product of a partnership between inventor and company, and the chair is expected to be unveiled by Canadian inventor and CEO David DeWitt at the 2017 Global Startup Summit in Toronto on April 28.

“It was an accident, but a great one,” DeWert said at the summit.

Inventor David De Wert, pictured at a 2014 press conference with Canadian entrepreneur Chris Karp, said the chair was invented by accident, and was made by a partner with a great product.

(CBC News)DeWert and his partner, Chris Karspar, created the product in the 1990s after they noticed that chairs that were designed to sit on the ground were uncomfortable for their legs, according to the company’s website.

They wanted to make something that would be better suited for those who were more likely to sit with their feet up, but weren’t comfortable doing so.

So they decided to put a wooden frame on the head of the chair, and used a plastic foam insert on the base of the frame to create a seat that would rest on top of the head.

Karspar said that was a “very simple, very clever” idea, and that he was proud of it.

“I am very proud of my invention,” Karspa said.

According to DeWERT, the chair became a sensation and has been sold to more than 150 countries, but he has yet to see any orders.

The chair is sold online and at a number of high-end retailers.

DeWERT is not the only high-profile entrepreneur who has been involved in the chair.

The Canadian company, Gizmodo, recently launched a high-powered version of the same chair for $1,500 that has sold well, according the company.

The company’s CEO, David Pogue, has also been involved with the chair and has sold a few high-priced versions of it online.

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