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When the GT4-R hits the racetrack it will be like an old school racecar

When the GT4-R hits the racetrack it will be like an old school racecar

When it comes to the racing experience, there’s no comparison.

For one thing, the GT-R is an old-school sports car.

You can get a taste of that when you step into the pits for the first time at the RTA event.

The car is a modified GT-5, the car the RDA has chosen to drive for the event.

For that reason, there are only a few other cars on the grid for this event, including the current P1-spec GT4, the last-generation GT4 and a more recently built GT-3.

As you would expect, the performance figures for these cars are pretty impressive, and we had to see it in action to get an idea of how well they hold up in a real-world race.

One thing you can’t do is compare the GT3 and GT4 to the GT5s, which is where the GT40 comes in.

The GT40 was built as a performance replacement for the GT20, but it didn’t take long for its performance to catch up.

This is the car we tested for the RTE event.

While the GT400 and GT40 are great examples of GT-series cars, the P1 and GT50 are more competitive and have a more modern feel.

The P1 is a modern GT3 with a carbon fiber roof and a much more aggressive stance.

It’s still a GT-class car, but the P100 and P140 are far more competitive, and the GT50’s more modern look gives it a new feel.

On the other hand, the new GT-F is the same car we saw in the first RTA GT3 test, but with a new chassis.

It has a carbon-fiber roof, more aggressive handling and a wider track.

Its also got a wider bodykit and an aerodynamic package that allows it to be much more aerodynamic on the track than the GT2.

The P1 was one of the cars that we saw at the inaugural RTA test, and while it was a GT3-spec car, it still had plenty of the performance and driving feel of the P3, and it was much more manageable.

The result is that the P4 is more competitive than the P2 and P4, which were both GT-4 cars.

In the end, the most important thing for the driver is to make sure he has the best car he can afford to drive.

The best cars are the ones that are cheap to buy, which means the GT430 is a very good choice.

For the GT500, the best option is a car like the GT450 or GT550.

Its a lot cheaper, but its still got a lot of power, and its not cheap.

Its even cheaper than the GTR and the P400, which are both very good options for a GT500.

The GT500 is not a bad option.

It offers the same performance, but on a budget.

Its less forgiving than the R1 and R2, and has more of a flat chassis.

You have to look at it as an intermediate option between the GT250 and the GGT450.

But if you’re looking for a supercar, the S1 is the best choice.

It gives you all the power of a GT350, but also the handling and agility of a McLaren 650S.

And its got a much better roof than the 650S, so its more practical for racing.

If you want to go a step further and get a GT650, the AMG GT650 is a great option.

Its the best GT350 and GT350R that we’ve ever tested, and you can get the best track-day performance of any GT350 car.

We like the new McLaren 650R, but we found its handling and handling characteristics to be somewhat lacking.

So it wasn’t our favorite car at the event, but if you want the best, you have to pick the 650R.

When it comes down to it, if you are looking for the fastest, most powerful sports car, the BMW M3 is a good choice to beat.

It is a supercharged sports car that can easily handle all the conditions, including dry-sailing and long-distance driving, and is capable of handling most of the challenges a GT4 car can.

The M3’s performance and handling is good enough that you can really see the difference between the M4 and M5 cars, even though they are similar in terms of engine power.

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