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Outdoor rocking chair found in Dublin

Outdoor rocking chair found in Dublin

RTE 1 Outdoor rocking chairs are often seen in urban areas, but the Dublin furniture firm, Urbano, is hoping to make them more affordable for people in rural Ireland.

The chair is made from a plastic shell and is designed to be used in the outdoors by people who live in rural areas.

RTE 2 Urbano says it was able to locate and purchase a chair made from recycled materials in the UK in the last few months.

The firm says that it was designed to provide comfort and security for the elderly, those with disabilities and those who live alone.

In Dublin, Urbanos chair has been used for a number of outdoor activities including walking, jogging, cycling and picnicking.

The Dublin furniture company says the chair has helped a number people through difficult times, including people who have had strokes.

Urbano said it is planning to introduce the chair to other rural areas in Ireland.

Urbanos chair is currently available in Dublin and other areas of Northern Ireland. It costs €7,700 to purchase a set of four chairs.

The chair has a metal base and sits on a removable vinyl top that can be worn underneath the seat or added to the back of the chair.

This model comes with a special folding strap which allows it to be folded up and stored in a storage bag.

The Urbano chair is available to order on Urbano’s website, while the UK website sells them for £4,000.

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