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How to make a barrel chair that can withstand a shotgun blast

How to make a barrel chair that can withstand a shotgun blast

In 2017, a shotgun exploded at a private party in New Jersey, injuring several people, including a young woman.

But, as the New York Times reports, it was the barrel chair of a bar owner who survived the blast and who took pictures of the damage to the building.

“It was the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Barbara Cisneros, who owns the Bodega Bar & Grill in Atlantic City.

The chair is designed to withstand the impact of a shotgun’s impact, but the woman who was injured by the shotgun was not injured in the same way as the other people.

“I was a little shaken, and it was very uncomfortable to see, because she was a beautiful young woman,” Cisnero told the Times.

“She was so happy.”

A woman who works in a factory in the Bronx, where the explosion occurred, told ABC News that the chair was not designed to be taken apart by a shotgun, but instead that the handle is made from a combination of hard plastic and metal.

“If it was an ordinary shotgun, it would be broken,” she said.

“But it wasn’t an ordinary gun.

It was an exotic firearm, and the gun was designed to go off in a manner that was not very dangerous.”

A spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Safety and Homeland Security told ABCNews.com that the agency is investigating the incident.

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