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A bipartisan group of lawmakers calls for investigation of NSA leak

A bipartisan group of lawmakers calls for investigation of NSA leak

Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Ron Johnson (R–Wis.) are introducing a bipartisan measure to investigate the NSA leak of the contents of the National Security Agency’s secret labs.

The bill, which was introduced Monday by Sens.

John Cornyl (R, Texas) and Susan Collins (R—Maine), would require the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate any actions taken by the NSA to collect data from the labs.

“It is vital that the intelligence community and our allies work with the Congress to ensure that this type of information does not fall into the wrong hands, that the laws governing this data collection are in place and that those responsible are held accountable,” Cornyn said in a statement.

“Congress must now demand the same from the Obama administration.

It is imperative that we take a look at the intelligence agency’s handling of classified information and the possible use of classified material by the agency in the context of its surveillance of American citizens.”

The legislation comes just days after a report from the Senate Intelligence Committee that said the NSA was aware of the leak of classified NSA documents but failed to disclose the leak to lawmakers and congressional leaders.

The NSA was not immediately available for comment.

The House Intelligence Committee report also alleged that the NSA had failed to provide the committee with any of the classified documents it said were stolen from the National Archives.

Cornyn and Johnson, who have been critical of the Obama Administration’s handling on the NSA, are also introducing legislation that would bar the NSA from collecting any metadata about Americans’ phone calls and emails without a court order.

They also want the Justice Department to investigate whether any NSA employees have used the tools to hack into the phone systems of American corporations and individuals.

The Senate Intelligence Report also found that the National Intelligence Estimates concluded that the bulk collection of data on Americans was not authorized by the FISA Amendments Act, the statute that gives Congress the power to collect phone records.

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