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How to Get Your Own Steam Controller in Walmart’s Walmart Online Marketplace

How to Get Your Own Steam Controller in Walmart’s Walmart Online Marketplace

Walmart Online, Walmart’s online retailer that is owned by the Wal-Mart family, has announced that it will be adding the $200 Steam Controller.

The controllers will be available for purchase through the store’s website in November.

The controller will come with the Walmart Store and will include the following features: 1.

Steam controller with built-in microphone 2.

Built-in speakers 3.

Built in USB-C port for charging 4.

Built the same USB-A connector as the existing Steam Controller 5.

Bluetooth 5.1 charging cable for charging the controller 6.

Built NFC 6.5 mm audio jack and 3.5mm stereo headset jack 7.

Built a USB Type-C connector for charging and transferring data between your smartphone and the controller 8.

USB-D charging cable with micro-USB charging port 9.

Built power adapter 10.

Built microSD slot for storage 10.

USB Type C to Type A adapter 11.

Built USB-P port 12.

Built HDMI output 13.

Built Type-A HDMI output 14.

Built Thunderbolt port for connecting the controller to your computer 15.

Built AC power supply 16.

Built noise cancellation and volume control 17.

Built WiFi 16-bit audio output 18.

Built Bluetooth 4.0 for communication with the controller 19.

Built IR remote control 20.

Built temperature monitoring indicator 21.

Built dust sensor 22.

Built motion sensor 23.

Built proximity sensor 24.

Built battery life indicator 25.

Built wireless charging port 26.

Built fingerprint sensor 27.

Built Wi-Fi streaming and charging 27.

USB 3.1 Type-c port for power streaming and power charging 28.

Built 2x USB 3 ports for charging 29.

Built 1x USB Type A port for powering your computer 30.

Built GPS for navigation 32.

Built barcode scanner 33.

Built audio streaming and music player 34.

Built built- in camera 35.

Built Alexa voice assistant 36.

Built security camera 37.

Built watermarker 38.

Built IP68 rating for dust protection 39.

Built anti-virus software 40.

Built cloud storage 41.

Built 4G LTE connectivity 42.

Built smart home hub for remote control 43.

Built Amazon Alexa speaker 44.

Built Echo speaker 45.

Built Cortana voice assistant 46.

Built HomeKit speaker 47.

Built Nest thermostat 48.

Built Xbox One controller 49.

Built PS4 controller 50.

Built Smart TV 51.

Built Windows 10 console 52.

Built Steam Controller 53.

Built controller included in Walmart stores for purchase.

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